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Amiga Anywhere™ is the digital environment that enables and simplifies the development and access of content. Amiga Anywhere enables high quality audio-visual and premium sound applications for delivery of multimedia across entertainment devices including Cellular Phone, Home Server, Digital TV, Entertainment, Personal Computers, Set-Up Boxes, Game Consoles, SmartPhones, and PDA devices.

This set of high-performance, low-resource, network-distributed services was originally developed in partnership and collaboration with the Tao Group, Reading England.

Version 1.5 of this technology supports devices running Microsoft's Windows Mobile including CE, PocketPC, and SmartPhone.

Amiga Anywhere version 2.0 is a new version that has been developed by Amiga and its development team. This new version will allow for quicker deployment and scaling functions on more devices, and by summer 2007 will include support for Linux, and Symbian devices.

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