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Commodore's first multimedia CD-ROM system, CDTV (Commodore Dynamic Total Vision) made its debut in 1991. It was basically an Amiga 500, together with with Kickstart 1.3 and a CD-ROM drive. The CDTV was operated by a user-friendly infra-red remote control. The same year, the option of turning the CDTV on a full A500 was made available. Commodore hoped to sneak it into the homes of "computerphobes".

Unfortunately, the CDTV was a disaster. Commodore also didn't put the Amiga logo, anywhere on the CDTV. As a result, CDTV failed to catch the public's imagination, partly because it was £3200 more expensive than an A500, and partly because the software available was disappointing. Only 50 CDs went on sale, but the games were no better than their floppy counterparts.

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